Thank you so much for your help and assistance on this.  I am over the moon right now and so happy to be able to travel again.

Thank you again!

Individual Client


Dear Sarah,

I'm very, very pleased about the decision. You are an expert in CBP situations. You were the only one able to implement a solution for our son's problem. People really need you -- you open the legal door to solve unfortunate situations that hundreds of people face everyday at the CBP and you help to made the system more transparent.

I'll send a 'thank you' letter to Google, because I found you after hours of research in 2010. In the beginning, my family, friends, legal advisers, and people in the government that were trying to help us, told me that we were in an administrative locked situation, a situation that nobody can ever solve.

I trusted in you and you solved the situation, showing to everybody that there is a general misinformation.

Thank you.

Individual Client


Dear Sarah,
Your blog about the INA 212(d)(3) nonimmigrant waiver and tips on filing I-192 was incredibly useful. This can be a confusing process for many young attorneys (such as myself) and I thought the information presented was extremely helpful. You should think about publishing! Thanks again.

Fellow Attorney



Hi Sarah,

Thank-you, that is excellent news!!! Thank you again for all your hard work re: this waiver.

Best regards,

Individual Client


Dear Sarah:

Thank you for your help and great service, as well as your fantastic attitude and good advice throughout this process.

Individual Client.